Risk Management

The Risk Management Process – During the normal course of business, department heads identify operational risks; develop and document policies and procedures to mitigate these risks; and train their staff on the procedures.

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Manage Risk—Don’t React to It

The Best Way to Avoid Fraud is to Remove the Opportunity

Internal Audits – “Inspect what you Expect”

The Value of Stress Testing your Business


Accounting Discretion or Earnings Management?

How Problematic is a Financial Restatement?


Vendor/Contract Management, a Controlled Risk


Should a business invest the time and resources in developing a Business Continuity Plan?

Cyber threats are very real and growing.  According to the Symantec Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) 2013, “Last year’s data made it clear that any business, no matter its size, was a potential target for attackers. This was not a fluke. In 2012, 50 percent of all targeted attacks were aimed at businesses with fewer than 2,500 employees. In fact, the largest growth area for targeted attacks in 2012 was businesses with fewer than 250 employees; 31 percent of all attacks targeted them.”  It makes sense that cyber threats will migrate to smaller companies that most likely do not have security protocols as extensive as the Fortune 100 companies that spend millions on security.

The below list represents individual blog posts that fall under the sub-category of Cyber Risk.  Simply left-click the underlined heading to link to the posting.

“Unless you trust the sender, don’t click the link”

“Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity”

Tips to Mitigate Technology Implementation Challenges

Author: Regis Quirin
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Regis Quirin is a financial executive with 23 years of corporate experience, i.e. New York Stock Exchange, JP Morgan Chase, and GMAC ResCap; and 15 years working with small and medium-sized entities, i.e. joint ventures, start-up entities, established businesses. In 2014, Regis published "Redesign to Turnaround Underperforming Small and Medium-Sized Businesses" available via Amazon.

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